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Make Your Wife Happy by Doing Little Things That Say You Are Special

Make Your Wife Happy by Doing Little Things That Say You Are Special
By a href="http://ezinearticles.com/?expert=Laurie_Mueller">Laurie Mueller

Sometimes it is the little things that make us know we are loved. Sometimes it is the little things that just make us the happiest. Easy little tasks that not only say "I love you" but also say "This is just how I am in this relationship. This is just the kind of guy I am."

Sonya knows that Stephen loves her because he turns off her light. Every night, it seems, Stephen gets up and turns off her bedside light.

"He gets out of bed and comes over and does it, even though I can reach the switch." Sometimes she even wakes him up to turn it off. She continued ... "It's even better when I wake him up to do it."

Stephen said, "Yeah but I grumble like crazy when that happens." But as Sonya points out, "I do it anyway."

I think it is like me having my husband close the bedroom door. I can't sleep if it is open and once I'm in bed, I don't want to get up and close it. But my husband does - even if he is already in bed or came into the room through a different door (yes we have more than one door!).

Keith brings Gaye coffee in bed in the morning - even though he doesn't drink coffee, he makes it for her and brings it in to her each day when he is at home. She brags about it to her other women friends!

Tony makes breakfast every Sunday morning for his wife, Hazel, and serves it to her in bed. For the years that the children were growing up, they would also help out under his able tutelage.

Bruce always makes sure the kitchen is clean when he is cooking or at home. Janet says she loves that and it has even inspired her to clean up her mess when she is baking!

These are little things that Stephen, Helmuth, Keith, Tony, and Bruce do for their wives that aren't on the official "husbands must do for their wives" list, but they do say just what Sonya said -they tell us that our husbands love us in little ways....and hey, doesn't that make us happy? You bet!
Ten years ago, Teri suggested that her and hubby, Randy, make each other presents on their anniversary. When Teri got home from work she had to follow a dotted line through the house which eventually ended up in the dining room. The kids escorted her giggling all the way. It turned out that Randy had taken the afternoon off work and made a special meal for her. The children had helped with setting the table and making it "romantic". Then with more giggling, the children went into the kitchen and got their 'special' pizza meal and settled down to the special video Dad had rented for them so that they didn't have to put up with "all that romantic stuff" that Mom and Dad were talking about in the dining room! It is now a tradition, each year; Randy has a special dinner waiting for Teri on their anniversary. The kids don't giggle like they used to, but they usually make themselves scarce on that special night.

What little thing are you doing for your wife that tells her you love her without the words?
Little Things You Can Do To Say "I Love You"
1. Turn down the bed covers for her each night.
2. Open the car door for her when you are going out.
3. Make supper one night a week and do the dishes afterwards.
4. Give her a weekly foot massage.
5. Make her a cup of her favorite tea each night before bed. Serve with a cookie.

Laurie Mueller, RTC, ID, AED, MEd is a marriage counselor, life coach and adult educator. She has operated her own private practice for 28 years. Laurie is married to the man of her dreams and someone who knows how to keep her happy. You can read more on her website: [http://www.howtomakemywifehappy.com]

Article Source: a href="http://ezinearticles.com/?expert=Laurie_Mueller" target="_new">http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Laurie_Mueller
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